Dear You, Did you see blood mix with my tears as I looked to you for mercy? Did you hear my mother’s screams as you snatched me from her arms? Did you hear me sing myself to sleep as your heavy blows rocked my little frame? Or did you pretend to not see the hopelessness […]

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Solitude  feed my eyes with awe, as my pupils pop out i amassment gassing at the the blue sky stained with white clouds and at the horizon, a firing  ball gives the whole the canvas a yellow like glow.

Words cant express, thoughts cant phatom. My brain struggles to analys the beauty, the nerves in my eyes feed on it.,

My lungs are saturated with fresh air as the leaves of the ever green tress blow in every direction. My feet carefully treads on what seems to be a rich loamy soil..stride after stride …the insect and birds fill the air with sounds.. in awareness of the presence of a king…

My mind lets go of all the stress  ,..heart lets go of all doubt n pain…nature speaks peace to my spirit reminding me of the divine presence of the creator..everything just seems to fall in place .

yes…peace be still n know that i am God..